Fast forward your business with Virtual Reality

Hashplay VR helps you grow your business through the use of augmented and virtual reality

Your Turn-key-creation solution

for virtual and augmented reality


Cut down travel cost and increase training efficiency using VR to bring staff and customers to your products virtually. Put them inside machines, visit construction sites and much more.


Offer an engaging highlight to visiting customers but also bring prospective customers to your exhibit virtually. Cut cost and present additional equipment variants virtually.

Marketing and Sales

VR is a marketer’s dream. Customers are fully enclosed by and engaged with your product or service. Build loyal customers with VR marketing.

Process planning

In VR, complex processes and workflows can be visualized on-site and planned virtually before any money is spent on the implementation or construction.

Social media

Impress friends, family and followers with a cool “VR home page” that is accessible through our ‘lnguage hubs’ and share all your 360°images and videos taken with a 360Fly, Ricoh Theta or samsung Gear360.


Hashplay is your partner for augmented and virtual reality:

  • Hashplay is an award winning virtual and augmented reality content creation tool and distribution network. We enable businesses to swiftly create and distribute their own virtual and augmented reality experiences among staff, clients and others.



Why does the old economy need a new reality?

The election 2016 for US Presidency is over now, and the world is eyeing on President-Elect Donald Trump´s public appearance,
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Hashplay builds VR trade show experience for Werner Wirth Group

  Werner Wirth is one of the first to introduce Virtual Reality product visualization at Electronica Messe November 2016 in Munich Werner Wirth, a
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Why VR is more social than any other computing platform before.

Before anything, I brew a cup of coffee to give a hi-five to a comfortable and beautifully cooler morning outside.
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How important is creating a virtual reality experience for your marketing and brand story.

"Experience" is the latest trend for marketing your product and creating brand equity. Want to favorably influence your markets? Just
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TheArts+ Conference @ Frankfurt Book fair

We are partnering with THE ARTS+ , a 1-day conference and 5-day fair at Frankfurt Book Fair from 19-23 Oct.
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