Virtual Reality as a Service Platform

Use cases

Trade Show & Exhibition Industry

  • Out-of-the-Box Infrastructure and Solution
  • The year-long international trade show, independent of time and space.
  • Easy try-out of new products
  • Invitations through digital or social media can be converted to trade show visits immediately and tracked.
  • A trade show visit has no travel expense.
  • A truly unique, innovative visit and product experience.
  • Automatic lead generation
  • Detailed tracking of visitor interests


  • Simulate dangerous or risky situations within a controlled environment.
  • Accurate and realistic simulations.
  • Enable presence for large number of participants over multiple locations and long-distance.
  • Highly visual approach which supports learning
  • Peer review, feedback, and ongoing assessment
  • Deconstruct complex data into manageable chunks
  • Visualization of complex concepts and theories
  • Virtual scenarios are replacing experiences of real world situations.
  • Interaction
  • Ensures that learning can be fun and enjoyable where appropriate
  • Cost effective

Hashplay’s unique infrastructure provides a network of seamlessly connected VR experiences that are based on either 360-degree image and video material or can be highly detailed photo-realistic interactive, real-time applications.

All VR experiences can be updated online at any time by the exhibitor or the trade show company.


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Hashplay is an award winning virtual and augmented reality content creation tool and distribution network. We enable businesses to swiftly create and distribute their own virtual and augmented reality experiences among staff, clients and others.

“Hashplay sets a successful format on the next technical level and has a realistic monetarization potential with its advertising formats.”

Jury of Eco-Internet Award 2016 

“Top 10 Emerging Startups in its Category”

Launch Festival 2016 Jury