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DECODING THE WORLD INTO USEFUL INFORMATION. THE WORLD IS INUNDATED WITH DATA. BUT MORE DATA DOESN’T EQUAL MORE INSIGHTS New technologies allow companies to capture more data through all kinds of sources and sensors. Think satellite, audio feeds, Internet of Things. That’s not the end of the story. To be more precise, that’s not even the story. We seek to help build that bridge to the story behind data. Indeed, the story must have useful information. With Artificial Intelligence, we bring order and insights through simulation and prediction. With real-time immersive user interface, the story now becomes accessible. This has enabled us to build our AI-powered real-world analytics platform that helps executives make sense of complex systems in real time. Useful information comes from the geospatial context embedded within the digital twin. The patented Immersive Data Engine enables intuitive interaction with the insights.


Hashplay was founded in early 2015 by Jan-Philipp Mohr, Ingo Nadler and Jan Schlüter in the Bay area. Our team’s background spans from game development, 3D animation, stereography, computer engineering and computer vision, investment banking, data science, and robotics. We have received funding from top venture capitalists like Metatron Global, IVA Ventures, VMR Capital, VCO Ventures, WSGR and others. We also participated in Founderspace in San Francisco in August 2015.


Jan-Philipp Mohr

Founder & CEO - Jan-Philipp loves tech, yoga and solving complex problems. He is a passionate company builder he worked both in tech and finance. Prior he co-founded a big data solution for retailers that lets users choose and understand wines they like based on a unique algorithm. He is a Mentor...| + |

Jan Schlüter

Founder & COO of Hashplay - 18+ Years sales and marketing experience with the biggest brands in the world, CSO & Co-founder of Mediakraft Networks (Exit to Gamigo), Prior Managing Director at Digital Performance Marketing Group. MBA in Marketing and Business from Nordakademie, Elmshorn.

Ingo Nadler

Founder & CTO of Hashplay - Ingo Nadler has a passion for computer graphics, VFX, and visual technology. His passion started early when he developed and sold his first car racing game for one of the first home computers the EACA Colour Genie. In his professional career, he created or managed comp...| + |

Pete Buletza
Lead Architect

Backend Lead / Lead architect at Hashplay - 15+ years of experience in software development and architecture - He is Managing Partner at Elyxor. Prior he co-founded multiple software companies. DevOps (Chef, Vagrant), Mobile software development (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME: BlackB...| + |

Salman Hijazi
Project Lead

A full-stack engineer with over 10 years of experience in designing and developing Web and Phone Apps. Highly skilled in developing backend and web services/APIs in PHP Laravel 5 and frontend using Bootstrap 3/4, JQuery and/or VueJS 2.

Paul Warren
Head of AI

Paul studied Computer Science at Stanford for 3 years before dropping out to spend the past 2 years traveling the world working as a data science manager, freelancer, and instructor. He was most recently the Data Science Manager at a YCombinator-backed art hedge fund and regularly translates busi...| + |

Brian Earp
Senior Developer

Architecture Advisor (CloudVR) - 10+ Years of experience in Software Development, Software- engineering, architecture design, and engineering management. Experienced with a wide range of languages and environments. Mainly Fintech and SAAS experience. Graduated in Computer Science.

Li Wang
Full-Stack Engineer

Full-Stack Engineer, 6 years of experience. Javascript/jQuery/Rapahel.js, Angular 5.

Usman Mahmood
Lead Unity Developer

Experienced Game Developer (9+ Years) with a demonstrated history of working in the computer games industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Unity3D, UDK, Houdini, Blender and more.

Sabeeh Zaidi
Full-Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer with professional experience of complete product lifecycles and business management. Formerly a business owner focusing on VR/AR and even before that, a freelance designer, who spent most of his high-school years designing brand identities and then after the launch of smartp...| + |

Shahid Ammer Yar
Machine Learning Engineer

Experienced Machine learning Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He likes to work in a challenging environment with enthusiasm and is passionate to efficiently solve business problems. Skilled in Machine Learning, Big Data technolog...| + |

Farrukh Saeed
Full-Stack Engineer

Unity 3D developer with 5+ Years of Experience.

Murtaza Saeed
3D Artist

4 years of experience in 3D modelling and character Design.
Architect by education.

Linh Dao
Product Communcations & Marketing Manager

A communicator specialising in finding a voice, whether for a product, a company or a brand, and then crafting its journey using story-telling & analytics.

Murtaza Abbas
Senior Java Engineer

More than 11 years of JAVA and Python software development experience with Telcos and very complex systems.

Muhammad Sohaib
Machine Learning Engineer

Database Specialist with more than 7 years of data engineering and software development experience.

Bryan Hempen
Project Manager

8 years of software development and consultancy experience.

Abhishek Pandey
Research Lead

More than 12 years experience in research, strategy advisory, analytics and operation management


Petr Johanes
Board Member

Board Member & Venture Capitalist - Petr is contributing his engineering, education, and venture capital experience to guide and advise on projects, and build relationships in Silicon Valley. Petr’s work history ranges from nanotechnology R&D, materials science research in the Cui Group at Stanford University and work at Uprising Ventures and Khosla Ventures, one of the top-tier VC funds in Silicon Valley. Petr also has experience mentoring startups, lecturing at Stanford, and supporting student entrepreneurs as a Global Fellow at the Kairos Society.

Klaus-Peter Stegen

Klaus-Peter Stegen has worked since 1981 as an authorized signatory, managing director, COO and consultant with a focus on organization and sales for Bertelsmann, Haufe, MedienUnion, Oetinger, Cornelsen and Klopotek. In addition, he was a consultant and advisor to TGMC Management Consulting, Bosch-Druck and the very successful start-up Calvendo. For the international Publishers’ Forum he has been responsible for the organization and support of the sponsors since 2014 and is involved in several software companies in the media industry with his Key Performance System. As Business Angel and Senior Advisor he is responsible for Hashplay Inc. in San Francisco with the topic Immersive Data.
Since mid-2016, he has also been responsible for the content areas of Marketing & Sales and Processes & Digitisation as Managing Director of Narses Beratungsges.mbH.

Arturo Duran

Venture Capitalist & Advisor - Managing Partner at IVA Ventures, prior Arturo served as Chief Innovation Officer for Digital First Media. Before that, he was Chief Executive Officer of impreMedia Digital, the largest Hispanic news-and-information company in the country. He was also previously the President of Interactive and Business Managing Partner at IVA Ventures, prior Arturo served as Chief Innovation Officer for Digital First Media. Before that, he was Chief Executive Officer of impreMedia Digital, the largest Hispanic news-and-information company in the country. He was also previously the President of Interactive and Business Integration for Canwest Mediaworks’ and was the one responsible for their record-breaking online revenue growth and converting it into the largest Canadian News and Information Network. Prior he was Vice President, Multicultural, AOL Media Networks, VP Marketing and Interactive Content, AOL Canada, Director Business Development, AOL Mexico, Director of Business Development, Internet Division for the Polaroid Corporation, Vice-president Manufacturing and Retail solutions for Unisys Corp. ( Mexico), Arturo is based out of Silicon Valley.

Robert Grimm

Founder & CEO of Multiversum AG



“Hashplay sets a successful format on the next technical level and has a realistic monetarization potential with its advertising formats.”

Jury of Eco-Internet Award 2016

An annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing augmented and virtual reality solutions and impacting the marketplace.

CIOReview 2018

Industry Association

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