Immersive Data Visualization for Retail
Improve Business Models with Digital Twin


Traditional business models of shopping centers are being challenged as retailers need lesser physical space today. Consumers are giving priority to experience over products and do not differentiate between digital and physical.

This white paper highlights how immersive data visualization technologies such as digital twins and augmented reality apps can help shopping centers to optimize their operations and grab new opportunities.


Our Immersive Data For Retail White Paper (PDF)

Digitalization is threatening the very building blocks of shopping center’s business model, but it is also creating new revenue streams such as distribution center for retailers.

In these fast-changing times, running a lean operation and developing market- driven agility are more important than ever. The deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies at shopping centers and the roll-out of consumer- facing applications are helping shopping centers to make their business nimble and relevant.

Digital twins, and augmented reality (AR) apps are emerging as the best tools for the retail real estate owners to manage IoT-driven, data-led transformation as data becomes huge and real-time.


  • Multi-dimensional data visualization with intuitive interaction features
  • Visualize and analyze critical metrics such as dwell time, weather data, asset utilization rate
  • Insights on shoppers’ behavior to optimize tenant mix, security measures
  • Data visualization of performance and structural changes in real time
  • Efficient retail operations with what-if analysis and predictive analytics

Data visualization of assets, shoppers’ behaviors, energy consumption, logistics flows

Multi-dimensional data visualization with intuitive interaction features

Real time cost estimation and simulation of vital building and facility management.


Powered by virtual reality (VR) and machine learning, immersive digital twin technology visualizes and analyzes live operational and business data from scores of data sources in a 3D environment.

Consumer Insights
to Improve Experience

Digital twin can analyze footfall, dwell time near or in a store, and transactions/POS data patterns of the shopping center’s visitors to provide early warnings of their dissatisfaction and vital insights to improve customer experience and tenant mix.

It can also help operators simulate new design before the actual construction starts, or discover bottlenecks, optimize space utilization, and generate optimal foot traffic.

Building & Facility Management

Digital twin’s image processing algorithm checks cracks and physical displacement of structure automatically and triggers additional inspections if needed.

Digital twin also captures details about equipment and people in real time, e.g. pedestrian and vehicle flow, space utilization, usage of facilities like wheelchairs, parking, and restrooms.

All of these help with asset maintenance, lower operational costs and improve customer experience.

New Revenue Streams

There are new revenue opportunities from providing logistics services for retailers. Shopping centers, retailers, and parcel delivery firms can create a digital twin model of end-to-end supply chain process and provide real-time visibility of goods movement and inventory levels.

For business managers, digital twins can provide real-time sales indicators such as sales per square, sales per tenant and sales per visitors.

The real-time availability of key performance indicators (KPI) makes business agile and market-friendly which positively impacts shopping center’s valuation.

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